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Important Tips on How to Prevent Falls

Statistics tell us that the prevalence of falls in Indian older adults, ranges from 14% to 53%. Looking at the data, the anxiety regarding falls is understandable, as the fear of being injured, bed-ridden and a burden to our family can be over whelming. However, finding out the main causes of falls could rid ourselves of the constant worry of falling.

What can be the result of falls?

  • Hip and wrist fractures
  • Chest injuries including rib fractures
  • Hip and shoulder dislocations
  • Head injuries and abrasions
  • Bruising and sprains
  • Fear of falling that can result in loss of confidence and restriction of activities.

Why do senior citizens fall? – Causes and Prevention

Age-related changes in your bodyGet your eyes and ears checked regularly
Weakening muscles and stiffening jointsUse a stick or walker
New health problems can affect your balanceDiabetes, heart disease, or problems with your thyroid, nerves, feet, or blood vessels
Side effects from your medicationCheck with your doctor which medications cause side effects like giddiness
Not enough physical activityTry activities like walking, tai chi or yoga
Sore feet or unsafe shoesWear properly fitting, sturdy, flat shoes with non-skid soles
Poor diet and not drinking enough waterEat nutritious meals & drink enough water
Lack of sleep, elevated alcohol levels and confusionEnsure adequate sleep
Falls at home can be prevented by taking precautionsRemove clutter & loose rugs, ensure good lighting, install grab rails in bathroom and staircase, avoid wearing too long clothes, wipe spills immediately

Taking preventive measure against falling will go a long way towards reducing your anxiety regarding falls. Staying active and engaged in both body and mind will build your confidence to live a full and vigorous life!!

– Edited By Anita Natu



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