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A welcoming place promoting happiness and health for the 55+.

A unique opportunity for 55+ to come together and keep stimulated and joyful. If you are 55+ and still young at heart, come spend time with us. We help to rejuvenate you with multiple varied activities. Shine through the grey and bring back the colours into your life. At our Enrichment Centres, there’s never a dull moment with us – a place you can be yourself and call your own. You thrive with our specially formulated and carefully planned activities to bring out the best in you.

Our Vision

We dream of a world that provides a platform for the 55+ who would want to be part of a Community that collectively unravels the process of Ageing and who would aspire to remain active, involved and happy by participating in stimulating activities by gaining information & knowledge about preventive health care.

Why Happy2Age?

It is important for seniors to be meaningfully engaged. Research has revealed that those who are part of a Community with a variety of stimulating activities benefit immensely.


Remain energized, Make connections and friends, Feel healthier and happier with various body & mind activities, Spend less time on health issues, Explore hobbies and various interest areas

What we Offer

You can register and be part of a community and get access to various engagement activities.

Regular Sessions

Meditation, Brain Gym, Brain Stimulating Activities, Indoor games, Visual Arts, Singing, Music and Dance, Movement games and Discussion groups

Planned Sessions

Yoga, Zumba, Planned Outdoor sports, Counselling support services, Age-related Psychological awareness sessions etc

Yearly Activities

Outings/ Visits/ Trips and Inter-generational Activities

Guest Speakers

Special talks on preventive health care and other engaging subjects


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